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Quality Computer Services to the small business community.

Who is Millennium Computer Services

For the past 31 years, Marc Schlesinger, Owner-President of Millennium Computer Services, Inc. has been providing sales and quality Technical support to the S. Florida business community. After working for other service organizations, Marc finally had decided that to give the best support to the community, he had to do it his own way for the customer to receive the highest quality of service. So Millennium Computer Services was born

Marc has grown up with the industry, selling and servicing many types of systems starting in the late 1970’s. Starting with the Apple ][ and Radio Shack systems, then on to CP/M and MS-DOS and Novell, and now to the current  Windows Desktop and Server Operating Systems

Keeping up with training on current products is most important. Marc holds certifications by the three largest networking companies in the world, Microsoft, Citrix and Novell. He currently holds the titles of MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, MCP+I (Microsoft Certified Professional plus Internet), CNE (Certified Novell Engineer for Netware) and CCA (Citrix Certified Administrator).

Other experience includes Wide Area Networking, Routers and Internet Connectivity, as well as many major software and Groupware applications.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, Marc has seen many changes, but one thing will never change, the needs of the home and small business users and the extraordinary support that Millennium Computer Services will provide.

Reprinted from the Sun-Sentinel November 3rd, 2000

“Computer Services Owner Can Do It All”

After years of working for other computer sales and service organizations, Marc Schlesinger felt it was time to become his own boss.</p>

So he did just that recently with the formation of Millennium Computer Services. His business, which is based inMiramar, deals with mostly small business people and individual computer owners.

“I do everything from consulting to service, training, repairs and upgrades.” Said Schlesinger. Who also makes house calls and office visits.

Schlesinger’s 23 years of experience in computers includes Microsoft, Novell and Citrix. His certifications include Novell CNE 5 and Microsoft MCSE.

“The biggest thing I have found  with small businesses is that they buy their computers through mail order” he said. ” “But once the machine is dropped off at their office, they can call the companies but it’s not the one-on-one support that today’s business person wants.”

He thinks a good technician needs to be 50 percent Technician, 40 percent Magician and 10 percent Psychiatrist. “You have to more than fix the problem,” he said. “You have to make the customer comfortable.”

Schlesinger started working on computers in 1977.

“I’ve always had a thing for electronics and technology,” he said.  “It started out by just having fun. Who knew where things would be today.”

Before starting Millennium Computer Services, Schlesinger was employed as a Senior Network Technician for two computer sales and service companies. He left his last job just short of reaching his 11th anniversary with the firm.

“When you work for somebody else, they are the ones who make the decisions on how to take care of the customers,” he said.  “I wanted to make the decisions.”


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